Arco del Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo San Lucas is the Southernmost point on the Baja Peninsula. It’s essentially a desert, the only green you see around you are the cacti. It’s a short drive from the airport to the beach however, and once you get there you’re surrounded by the ocean on one side and the rocky cliffs on the other.

If you go past the resorts in Cabo and keep driving to the tip of the Baja Peninsula you find the famous Arc of Cabo. You actually can’t drive to it, but you can get there by boat or by hiking a steep, rocky cliff. The arc was naturally formed by weathering and erosion of the rock mass and is now a popular tourist spot and a perfect spot for pictures.

Just to the right of the large mass in the picture above is a small beach, Lover’s Beach. It’s very secluded and the only way to get there, I assume, is by boat. There was recently a Cosmopolitan article about this beach because it’s also one of the top spots in Cabo to see celebrities.

How Do You Even Pronounce Vallarta?

As I was getting ready to write this post, I realized I’ve never actually written anything about Puerto Vallarta – on my blog or elsewhere – so here it is.

Right after I got back from my Europe trip in June I changed suitcases and went straight back to the airport to fly down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my company.

This trip was part business and part pleasure; learning about the destinations I sell is part of the job but experiencing the nightclubs and excursions is part of it as well.


We spent five days trying every flavor margarita at the margarita bar at our resort, ziplining through the jungle, sailing the bay at sunset, strolling through town and eating at a mountainside restaurant with amazing views of the bay and the Iglesia De Guadalupe En Puerto Vallarta.


This cathedral is an iconic part of Puerto Vallarta’s skyline. It’s iron crown towers over most of the other buildings in town and draws in tourists. The rumor I heard while I was in Puerto Vallarta was that the crown was designed after the crown worn by Empress Carlota of Mexico.

I looked this up to confirm the facts once I was back in the States and found this rumor to actually not be true. Empress Carlota of Mexico, based on her hierarchy within the nobility, would have worn a tiara, not a crown. The crown that tops the Iglesia De Guadalupe En Puerto Vallarta is actually just designed by priest Rafael Parra Castillo, the same person who designed the tower.


Adventure Time

This morning I woke up feeling like a 2-year-old on Christmas morning, I haven’t been this excited to travel in a long time. As you prepare for your long four day Memorial Day Weekend, I’m preparing for my 14 day vacation and my first time traveling overseas.

I’m getting ready to spend four days in Amsterdam, two days in Iceland, and then five days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

I think it might be my first time traveling in almost two years on a totally non-business related trip, the first leg of the trip at least. Going back to Mexico means going back to work for me, although I’ll still be in Mexico so I can’t complain too much.

Going to Europe for the first time and being able to see the beauty of both Amsterdam and Iceland is what has me really excited. New countries = new discoveries and that means new adventures! I feel like an adrenaline junkie for seeing new places and learning about new cultures.

Anyway, for the next seven days I’ll be exploring the world with one of my best friends so what can get better than that?

Get ready for lots of stories and pictures! 🤗


April Travels bring May Flowers?

There’s no better way to finish off a month at home than with a week of traveling. Going from Cabo to New York, I traded mountains for skyscrapers. 

I fell in love with Cabo because it was a mashup of all of my favorite things. You land in the middle of a desert and drive through the mountains before arriving on the beach. There are sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and marinas full of yachts.

The weather was 85 and perfectly sunny each of the fours days we were there. And you can’t swim in the ocean, so there are a surplus of pools to make up for it.

I spent my three days in Cabo driving from hotel to hotel and attending meeting after meeting so you know I’ll be going back to explore more some day. I want to hike up one of the many trails, and I want to visit one of the many oases.

On top of the amazing sites, every single person I met in Cabo was the nicest person I’ve ever met. As soon as I thought, ‘I’ve never met someone so nice’ I met someone else and thought the same exact thing. They were hospitable and happy and that is just not something you find very often on the East Coast.

Quite the contrast from the people honking and yelling from the cars stuck in traffic around New York City or the man who called my friend a “miserable cunt” for not sharing a cigarette.

I have been to NYC multiple times in the past but there is always something I miss out on or just don’t have time to see. This time I went with two girls from South Africa, whom I met while working in Cancun, and thankfully their plan for the day involved a lot of things I had missed out on previously. I can finally say I’ve seen the Statue of Liberty and have been to Ground Zero.

These girls have been traveling the world for the past year and I swear they are experts at finding their way around unfamiliar places and figuring out the cheapest way to explore. They were leading me through the subways, getting us into free tours, and found the best rooftop bar with no cover charge and an amazing view of the Empire State Building.

While it’s fun to visit the city for a day or two, I am not a city girl and was not sad to leave. On the other hand, I left part of my heart in Cabo and my desire to move out West just keeps growing.

The West Coast is the Best (Looking) Coast

I left the East coast for the first time almost exactly a year ago when I traveled to Skagway, Alaska for the summer.

Now for the second time I find myself on the West coast of North America, dipping underneath the clouds above the Baja Peninsula.

The sight as we fly towards Cabo is so similar to the approach into Juneau but at the same time, so different.

The mountains are covered in sand rather than evergreens and ice. I am surrounded by  the turquoise waters of the Gulf of California rather than the deep blue of the fjords. The mountains aren’t as high here and the valleys aren’t as deep.

All of these contrast but you get the same feeling that the topography wasn’t always like this. And the scarcity of civilization besides the small oceanfront towns is the same. The rivers carved into the sides of the mountain are the same, but in Alaska they are constantly powered by the melting glaciers while here in Mexico they run dry.

The feeling of adventure as you approach a place you’ve never been before is the same. Although the four days I’ll be spending here won’t compare to the four months I spent in Alaska.

It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to enjoy the many different horizons of the world.


Tequila Shots for Harambe

It has been almost a year since I was getting ready to work my first spring break in Cancun, and I am so excited that I am doing the same thing again for Spring Break 2017.

I know it is kind of insane that I spent five weeks in this beautiful place and there is still so much more that I want to do. I was actually so unprepared because I had no idea what to expect last year – literally, a foreign man over the phone told me he wanted to send me to Cancun, all expenses paid, and I agreed.

I got to check a couple things off my bucket list last year – kayaking, catamaran booze cruise, getting lost in the ‘not-safe’ part of downtown Cancun by myself – but this year I am going to make the most out of my time there and check off even more adventures.

So, for all my spring breakers, honeymooners, and fellow travel enthusiasts, here is the top five items on my Cancun bucket list; feel free to be inspired and to join in.

Chichen Itza

I know, this is one of the most basic sites in Cancun and how could I have missed out on it before? No idea, but I did and that is why it is at the top of my list this year. 

This will probably be the first excursion I do this spring break. Even though it is the most tame thing on my list, it’s one of those things that you have to say that you’ve done.


Fun Fact about Me: I love marine life. Marine science was my minor in college and I loved it (aside from the fact that I am completely inept at math.)

I’ve snorkeled with sting rays in the Bahamas and now I want to snorkel with sea turtles in Mexico. Then I want to snorkel with manatees in Florida, and cage dive with sharks in South Africa. Read: if it has to do with being in the ocean surrounded by some crazy wildlife, I probably want to do it.

But, I have to start somewhere so this spring break I will be hopping on the ferry to Isla Mujeres to enjoy a day on one of the many natural reefs there.

Pink Pool Party

Obviously! I was so mad that I had to work during this party last year and after working for Pink the last four months there is no way I am going to miss it this year.

The party is at Mandala Beach Club, which is my favorite club on the strip. It’s during the day and the club offers both a pool and is located beachside. Plus, all the free Pink goodies they hand out – don’t miss it.


Apparently, I was extremely boring while I was in Mexico last year because this is another one of those, “I can’t believe you didn’t do this!” places on my list.

For those of you who are as ~lame~ as me, a cenote is basically a natural pit or hole in the ground filled with water where you can swim. Based on the location of the specific cenote (because there are tons around the Mayan Riviera) I could be able to tie this item into my next one, the ATV jungle tour.

ATV Jungle Tour

This is something that I wanted to do last year but never had the time to set up. This year, I am being sent on the jungle ATV tour for work purposes. Yes, my job is to ride an ATV into a jungle with two cute English guys. Best job ever?

Go Blue Tours offers this tour right on their website, which you can find here, or you can book it through whichever hotel you’re staying at in Cancun. This specific tour offers an ATV ride through the Mayan jungle and you end the day with a swim in the nearby cenote!

Cancun Sunrise


Thus far this year I have been uninspired to write. I have had no big plans for myself and have done nothing noteworthy. Drafts after drafts have been composed, but I have been keeping things private.

After getting a couple of reality checks this week I have decided to revisit an old draft, make some edits, and share away.

For me, 2016 was the year of adventure and 2017 was to be the year of self development. After all, I did promise my parents that I would be settled and not living off them by the time I turn 25.

The year was off to a great start: great career developments, solid friendships, and even a potential love interest.

My original draft did include this guy, but reality quickly set in and it just wasn’t going to work out. This is a trend for artists though I believe, because heartache leads to masterpiece?

Anyway, it took me two years to learn the invaluable lesson of independence and only two months of talking to this guy to forget it. I once again put my faith in someone other than myself, and once again got let down.

“For every orgasm you fake, he fakes a promise.” Not positive, but I’m pretty sure that quote is from Bill Clinton. And by the way, you do NOT need a guy to fulfill any dream you may have.

I started traveling on my own because I needed to prove to myself that I could survive on my own, and I did. I traveled across North America and saw so many things, met so many people, learned more deeply about myself than I could have imagined possible.

Keeping that in mind, I now know I can do it and plan to go much further. In the mean time I’m ready to build my career.

One of my first posts was all about “spring break-ing” for a living. Two months in Cancun sounds amazing right? Well, I’m taking that and actually turning it into a living. Starting in two weeks I will be a full time sales representative for Go Blue Tours.

I will be spending another three weeks in Cancun this spring and then finally getting in to the workforce. I’m equally parts pleased, excited and nervous. Could 2017 actually be a year of development for me? I am so ready for life.


I have finally made it back to Massachusetts with so much to reflect on. I do not know how it is possible that 35 days went by so quickly. I think I have officially moved on from post-grad depression to post-spring break depression.

My life in Cancun feels like a dream. It seems as if I was a different person while I was there living life through someone else. And it was amazing.

My life up to this point I have always been one of the guys. My dad is constantly telling me that I need to hang out with girls more often but it has never been a priority of mine. Hanging with guys and not dealing with drama has always been more appealing to me.

This was the number one change that started in Mexico. I was finally one of the girls. Never have I had so many girl friends and I do not really think I knew what I was missing. I actually had people to confide in and could trust.

That’s not to say I fully changed in this aspect. There were still girls I was weary to get close to, probably because their personality was too close to the girls I grew up with. But the ones I was able to get close to really changed my life and I am so grateful for it.


It is still crazy to me that I have made such good connections with so many people from all over the world. I really cannot wait to see what happens in the future, both with myself and with everyone else.

As for me, I have no plans on settling down any time soon. Only time will tell where I will be next.