It’s no secret that I like beer. It’s been my drink of choice since high school when I would drink two Coors Lights in the woods with my friends and get intoxicated from the mere scent of it. But, until recently I haven’t been very adventurous and have never strayed from ordering the cheapest light beers possible.

I won’t lie, Bud Light is still my go to (dilly dilly) but I’ve officially taken my “I’ll try anything once” motto and applied it to my beer drinking. Spending a Saturday with friends and a flight of beer I’ve never tried before is now at the top of my list of favorite things to do and since I had nothing fun planned for this month I decided to dedicate the month to my favorite thing – drinking beer.

A month ago I thought I was being creative by dubbing this month ‘Febrewary’ and making the decision to checkout a new local brewery every Saturday. Today, I’ve used the term so many times that it no longer sounds creative and I should probably apologize to everyone on social media for posting it so many times.

I know there are a ton of breweries spread out around Massachusetts, but for the sake of FeBrewary (sorry, last time) I stuck with ones around the Boston area. I’m not a beer connoisseur but if you’re looking for a new place to checkout here’s a quick run down of the places I visited.

Week One: Harpoon Brewery – Boston, MA
I’ll start with the one and only complaint I have. It’s a very popular spot on a Saturday afternoon and we waited in line for about 45 minutes, which I would actually say is worth it for this place. The problem was, we didn’t need to be in the line as we were going to take the tour and the line was for the beer hall.

Other than that, this was probably my favorite place. We were able to take the tour which was $5 and included a lot of samples. Fun fact – this is the first and longest working brewery in Boston. After the tour we spent a couple hours hanging out in the beer hall with a couple flights and a beer pretzel. (soo good) The music was awesome, and it seemed to be a younger crowd which we liked.


Week Two: Bantam Cider Company – Somerville, MA
I randomly came across this brand recently while at the House of Blues in Boston and I really liked it so adding this to my brew tour was a no brainer. It’s a new company, only 6 years in business, and still operating out of a small warehouse with a tasting room.

I assume due to the size they weren’t actually offering tours when we went but the tasting room is cute. It’s a lot less packed than the other places I visited so it has a more intimate feeling. We only stayed for one flight because they also don’t offer anything in terms of food but I’ve deemed this my new favorite cider company and would definitely go back.


Week Three: Night Shift Brewing – Everett, MA
This is the first brewery I went into knowing nothing about the beer so I was really excited to get a flight and hopefully find a new favorite. There was a line to get in so we missed out on the tour we wanted to take and the tap room was so packed we couldn’t find a place to sit. Obviously not wanting to stand with a flight we had to get a full pour but of the four girls I was with, none of us were disappointed with the draft we got.

Eventually we were able to get a table and the flights here are make your own so between all of us we were able to sample a little bit of everything. I’m bummed we weren’t able to take the tour but the line and the crowd really speaks to how good the beer is here. (Plus, food trucks)

Week Four: Lamplighter Brewing Co. – Cambridge, MA
This was a last minute replacement because I was unaware that you had to book tours at Downeast Cider House almost a month in advance and when I saw they had grilled cheese flights on Saturday nights I was sold.

Honestly, the grilled cheese and the art were the only things I liked about this place. It was crowded, which was expected, but when we walked in it felt like everyone’s eyes went straight to us and we were being judged. There are two different flight options with no substitutions and my favorite beer here was mediocre at best. All in all, I was disappointed by this brewery which was unfortunate because I wanted to like it! We ended up leaving and going to Lord Hobo down the street.


Bonus: Slumbrew – Somerville, MA
This was a fun add-on because my boss decided to take us here on a Friday afternoon to celebrate the start of spring break. American Fresh Brewhouse has two locations, we went to the one in Assembly Row and being that it was 12 pm on a Friday it was pretty empty.

There’s a huge selection of beers to try and you can make your own flight. The food menu at this place is AMAZING – seriously, go for the beer and stay for the food.



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