You Can’t Spell Nashville Without Pizza

It wasn’t until we had checked into our Airbnb in Nashville, Tennessee and sat down with a case of cold Bud Lights that we realized we actually had zero plans for the next three days.

It had only been about three weeks since were sitting in a bar in Boston after a Red Sox game – a couple drinks in – when we decided to buy plane tickets to Nashville on a drunken whim.

Those three weeks whirled by with one of the girls in Greece and Egypt, one in San Francisco, one in South Carolina, one spending a couple days in the hospital, and myself briskly working the days away.

So, what does a group of girls do when they’re in a strange city with no plans? Without technology I would have no idea, but luckily for us we were sitting comfy in the heart of Vanderbilt’s campus with Bumble at our fingertips. Needless to say it didn’t take long for us to get plenty of recommendations for the rest of the weekend.

Bumble guy #1 struck out. He sent us to Kung Fu for dinner – it was a lousy college bar packed with students drinking the night away while cheering on Vanderbilt’s football team in their first away game of the season. Maybe on a different night and with a different mindset this place could have been fun – the surplus of lawn games did look entertaining.

On the way out we met a group of guys heading to an area that sounded more promising. They told us we were “almost there” for 15 minutes as we wandered down strange streets hoping there would be a light at the end of this tunnel.

We ended up at a section of bars on Demonbreun Street, it was better but still full of drunk college guys – we get enough of that on spring break. Random Guy #2 struck out.

So, into an Uber and off to Broadway. Girl’s just wanna have fun and we know how to do so without the help of guys. We danced on the first floor of Nudie’s Honky Tonk, the roof of Nudie’s Honky Tonk, and on every floor in between, we got pizza from a concession on the side of the road, and we made it home before 4:30.

Four Hours of Sleep Later.….

Bumble Guy #3 did not strikeout! He sent us to SOUTH for brunch – bottomless mimosas and biscuits and gravy. Two of my favorite things in this world. I give SOUTH 5-stars and recommend it to everyone over 5’4″…  Height requirement only because I literally had to climb to get into our booth and probably more than once flashed the crowd because I was wearing a dress while doing so.


The brunch ended as any normal, 4 pitchers of mimosas, brunch would. And that’s with five girls in an Uber on the way to a tattoo shop. Yes, my body is now adorned with tattoo number three. No, we did not get matching BFF tattoos. Different tattoos, different spots, zero correlation.


I take back what I said before, we did have ONE plan for the weekend – the Pedal Tavern. Our tour guide/bartender/eye candy was actually one of the country singers from Nudie’s the night before and no girl would ever complain that she had to listen to that man two nights in a row.

I do, however, have two complaints from this trip: The first is that the Pedal Tavern is quite literally a bike. They don’t call it “PEDAL” tavern for no reason.. I know, seems obvious, but I really thought there would be at least a little assistance from a motor. It was like binge drinking during a cycling class – and I don’t take cycling classes so you can imagine how hard this was for me.

My second complaint is that after the Pedal Tavern we all really wanted to ride a mechanical bull and apparently Tequila Cowboys only does this on Saturday nights. The feeling was actually a mixture of disappointment and realization that maybe we should have had a little bit of a plan going into the weekend.

Oh well, life goes on. And apparently that night did too, even if it was just a series of blurry bars that lead to a rendezvous on our condo’s rooftop at 4 am with a guy from Charleston I had met the night before.

Turns out the rooftop “lounge” was just a dog park, and the guy was just a dog. I’m only kidding about the latter, but my bed was calling so I had to leave that dog in the park where he belonged and get some much needed rest.

Six Hours of Sleep Later….

Yes! I slept in.. sort of. I guess without the allure of mimosas and southern style breakfast foods I had nothing to jolt me out of my slumbers. All I had to look forward to on our last day in Nashville was Cheerios, sunbathing by the pool, barbecue ribs, more honky tonks, more country boys, more drink specials, more bars to dance on……

And that’s pretty much exactly how that last day went. We got dropped off on one side of sober and went home on the complete opposite side of it.

We roamed Broadway during the day, went into any bar we passed playing a song we wanted to dance to, got really happy during happy hour, and finished the night with a bang dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly. Literally a bang because I twerked so hard I knocked my beer off the bar and it smashed on the ground.

Oh, were you wondering why you can’t spell Nashville without PIZZA? I’m wondering the same thing. Don’t ask me, ask Meghan.


P.S – S/O @KARACASO for letting me steal all her pictures 🙂


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