Poetry? Please.

I recently fished an old notebook out of my desk to bring to work. It may have been one I used for notes in high school, or an extra one I had lying around the house.

Growing up, my parents always encouraged my to write. I had countless amounts of diaries and notebooks filled with stories of my life, stories I made up, and poetry.

Sometimes I wish I had studied creative writing in college rather than journalism – maybe my poetry would be a little smoother if I had – but poetry is art, and art is whatever you want it to be. So, because I have not posted in a while and came across this poem in the back of my notebook I figured, why not?

I couldn’t tell you when I wrote it or what inspired me to, but it’s kind of funny because I wrote a blog post titled “Where to Next?” not too long ago.

Time passes so quickly

Putting numbers to our days

Where to next?

It comes and goes so quickly

Always passing by us

Where to next?

It’s over before it starts

Forever or never?

We don’t know until it’s over


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