Sending Positive Vibes from Paradise

Since my last post was so negative, I was having a rough day, and I pride myself in trying to a positive person the majority of the time, I almost immediately decided to write another post.

Time to focus on the positive aspects of my three week stay in PARADISE – because bullshit aside, I am surrounded by amazing weather, turquoise waters, and the natural beauty of the tropics.


Two weeks in and almost every day has been mid-80s and sunny. I’ve spent six of my 14 days here “working” at the beachside cabanas during the Oasis Cancun’s day parties.

The result has been some not so great tan lines which I got to even out on the 7-hour booze cruise and snorkel tour I was sent on. (One bucket list item checked off.)

I was wary at first about going on a booze cruise with no one I really knew, but I’ve mentioned before how much I have wanted to snorkel so I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

At the end of the day I came out with 20 new friends to party the night away with and my favorite experience of 2017 thus far.


On Monday I’ll be visiting Chitzen Itza and jumping into a cenote- two more bucket list items. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to cross all the things I wanted to off my bucket list during this trip but I guess there’s always the chance for next year. (Oh boy)

All in all, I am completely happy with the fact that I get to enjoy all of these perks for free and have to keep reminding myself that these are things some people will never get the chance to experience in their lifetime.




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