Camp Cody

Of course I would not have left Alaska in the past without another journey in mind.

On Sunday, I ventured up to Freedom, New Hampshire where I will be spending the next six weeks working at Camp Cody. During the day I will be teaching gymnastics and in the evening (and during meal times) I will be spending my time with seven 10-year-old girls.

Going from Skagway to Camp Cody is literally night and day. Skagway is described as an adult summer camp –sleeping in tents, hanging out around bonfires, and drinking a lot. (Along with other obscenities.) Here there will be no drinking and healthier eating.

I will not complain about the healthy lifestyle forced upon me but I will certainly miss the freedom I had previously.

This morning I woke up half an hour early to shower before the girls woke up; but as soon as they heard the shower turn on they started stirring.

I find it funny how interested the girls are in my life. They have so many questions for me and I actually think I convinced a few of them to travel when they are older. This has always been my favorite part about working with kids—making a difference in their life, or getting to be that person they look back on later in life and be thankful because I taught them something or showed them something, whether or not it was something life changing.

I am also hoping the experience I gain here will actually lead into a future career. No—I do not want to be a professional camp counselor, and no I do not want to work with children forever.

My hope is to work with Education First –a company that provides international trips for high school and college students. It is a company I have known about for a while and will ultimately allow me to have a career job as well as continue to travel.

I am glad that after almost 24 years, and multiple wrong turns, I finally have an idea of what I want to do. I feel like big changes are going to start happening and I am actually ready for it.




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