Sea Planes and Goodbyes


I do not believe any picture I take could ever do Alaska justice, the natural beauty of this state is unreal. Tuesday I took a sea plane from Skagway to Juneau and flying over the Lynn Canal was absolutely breathtaking.

I have spent several days while in Alaska boating or hiking around the Lynn Canal, including my first trip into town on the ferry, but flying over the mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls offered such a different perspective.

Skagway itself is only one mile long, so the runway of the airport actually runs the length of the the town. After two months of living in a town that small, I enjoyed the feeling of being an outsider looking in. It kind of made me realize that life does not stop just because you decide to leave.

My heart broke a little as I looked back and saw Skagway growing smaller and smaller behind us; knowing I made such good friendships and memories in a place where I may never return.


Sea planes are obviously smaller than jet planes, so they fly lower too. Our elevation was right along the tops of the mountains lining the fjord and right below the cloud line.

It seemed as if the mountains were endless, like there were rows upon rows of staggered peaks in all directions. The white caps of the mountains had melted in the two months since I arrived, leaving the gray rocks and the blue glacial ice exposed.

From below you look up and see a mountain range, from above you really see the definition of each mountain that has been carved out. I could almost picture the entire area being covered in glacial ice thousands of years ago.


The glaciers that still remain fit so perfectly into the mountain side that you wouldn’t imagine one could exist without the other.

I want to imagine I am like one of these glaciers; like I fit so well in this place for a time before melting and drifting away.


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