Welcome to Skagway

From the minute the airplane dipped under the clouds over Juneau I have been speechless. The look of it whispers “peace” and “adventure.”

There are the mountains painted with evergreens and topped with snow overlooking the many inlets and rivers. Then there are the islands so densely populated by nature you could believe no person inhabits it.


After my almost 15-hour journey from Boston, all I wanted to do was sleep and prepare for my ferry ride the following day. I cannot wait until I am able to spend more time in Juneau to see what it’s all about.

Taking the ferry from Juneau to Skagway was like riding through a piece of art. Apart from the many islands, mountains, and waterfalls we passed, I got to see different species of birds and a seal.



It was gorgeous on a cloudy day scattered with rain, I can only imagine how this scene would look with clear skies surrounding it.

Roughly translated, Skagway means “windy city” and this burough certainly lives up to its name. I have already learned that a 50 degree day here is not the same as a 50 degree day back at home, it is much colder thanks to the wind.

Alaska is even more peaceful than I had initially thought on the plane on the way in. Skagway is located in a valley surrounded by several peaks, I could sit out and stare up for hours.


There is virtually no crime in this small town, unless you count bike theft. I was told the only reason I should need to lock my door at night is because drunk kids may wander in looking for a place to sleep when they get lost on their way home. (But always, always, ALWAYS lock up your bike.)

People take advantage of the sunny days here, they are rare. Even at a measly 53 degrees this weekend locals were running around in shorts and flip flops enjoying the weather. I can’t wait to see what happens when it reaches 70 degrees.


With views like this on the sunny days, it makes sense why people put up with so many rainy ones. Like I said before, speechless.

I am so excited to get this tourist season going and to start work later on this week. So far, so good.


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