Happiness is Right at the End of Your Comfort Zone

I have been in Cancun for about three days now and I can officially confirm that it really is as crazy as people tell you. I cannot wait until the spring breakers actually arrive to see how much crazier it is going to be.

After arriving in Cancun and meeting up with Student City we shuttled back to the hotel, checked in, dropped our luggage off in our room and headed out.

We had lunch at a small Mexican food place around the corner from our hotel. There was about ten of us at that lunch and we bonded over a couple Corona buckets. This is pretty much the group of people that I have found myself continuing to flock to.

After lunch we headed to the three-story supermarket around the corner. This place is massive and really has everything you need, including a small liquor store on the top floor.

That first night was insane. Once the rest of the Student City staff team arrived we all went out for a welcome dinner. The service here in Cancun is crazy good. As soon as you finish your drink there is another one right there waiting, and the servers are really grateful when you tip.

The welcome dinner/party was all payed for by the company so a lot of us took advantage of that, while at the same time trying to restrain ourselves so we did not get fired on our first night and get sent back home.

The club after dinner was where it got really insane. Our VIP section at Mandala Beach Club was poolside and a little bit of a step down from the rest of the club. At one point a man fell backwards off this step into our section, right on top of our bottle table, and smashed his head open. Blood everywhere. (I don’t do blood.)

It got even better at about 1:30 a.m. when the club hosted a bikini contest. Obviously had to stay for that. By the end of this trip I am going to have seen so many tits.

It is such a crazy feeling being in a different country with 30 people that I have never met before. We all have different backgrounds, we are all from different places but somehow we all made it to the same place and there are definitely a lot of similarities between the people in the group.

In a way I kind of feel I can reinvent myself here. It is a new beginning and I can literally start fresh if I want. I see myself taking advantage of that without even realizing it and I like it. They are not big changes, it is just little things like the clothes I wear or the things I tell people about myself.

After three days in Mexico I am so happy. Happiness really is right at the end of your comfort zone and I encourage everyone to make that leap.


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